Cabin Life -#35

Never in my life have I ever been this excited about buying light bulbs.  Seriously, I told everyone about it.  This is a great day in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, when I’ve bought lights in the past, it’s been a joy.  But ordering strings of solar-powered LED lights was new high.  These lights will make a big impact in my existence, especially during the long winter when the sun goes down at four in the afternoon. 

My original plan for this summer was to get a small solar panel and a battery to wire so that I could run some Christmas lights in the cabin.  Nothing much, but enough so that I didn’t have to wear a headlamp for six months.  That got real old last winter.  But after shopping around and realizing that I would have to spend several hundred dollars to get a suitable setup, I was relieved and delighted to find the lights I just ordered.

They are self-contained, with a small solar panel attached directly to a string of one hundred LED bulbs.  The strings are fifty-five feet long, which gives me plenty of wire to go all the way around the cabin with both sets, since the cabin is only twenty feet by twenty-four feet.  Plus, they have a sensor built in to turn on at dusk so that when I leave in the afternoon, I will have light when I get back to cabin after sundown.

I’m not trying to plug a certain product, but I just can’t begin to describe how excited I am about having artificial light in the cabin.  Frankly, I can’t believe that the place didn’t burn down last winter, with candles and kerosene lamps burning all the time.  And this will be healthier for me too.  Breathing all that smoke can’t be good, and the amount of times I stub my toes this winter will be down drastically.  It’s win-win for me, which is all anyone can really ask for, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Cabin Life -#35

  1. I really can’t describe how excited I am. After only a three hour charge they stayed on for eight hours, so that’s a good sign! Now I just have to get a solar radio!

  2. Wow I really relate to this. We used our cabin without electricity for five years. Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore. We looked at a generator, and even though our closest neighbor is about 600 feet away, we just didn’t want to make that much noise. We ran an electrical service underground a looong way and it wasn’t cheap. But it was totally worth it. Good stuff!

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