Hello world!

This blog is about hiking.  It’s also about backpacking, walking in the woods, camping, strolling and dogs.  Ideally, when you read Middle of the Trail, you’ll learn a little something, have a laugh, but most importantly, be inspired to go outside.

I live in the Northern Adirondacks of New York State, so most of the hikes you read about will be located in this area.  However, the mistakes I make and the lessons I learn are fairly universal in the outdoor world.  And by getting myself outside and screwing up just a little, I hope to help you avoid the same mistakes.  On the other hand, not every hike ends with a tragedy or mistake.  Most of the time, my hikes are relatively uneventful, and in those circumstances, I’ll talk about some other issues so that you’re not bored.

I do most of my hiking with my faithful and crazy dog, Pico, so I spend a lot of hiking time talking to other people on the trail or just immersed in my own thoughts.  It’s always good to talk to the others on the trail, especially the ones coming down as you are going up:  They can tell you how much longer you have to suffer before reaching the top.

Living in the Adirondacks isn’t like living in a hiker’s paradise, it is a hiker’s paradise.  The variety of terrain and outdoor activities is amazing.  From hiking to rock climbing to mountain biking and canoeing, the Adirondacks has it all as far as I’m concerned.  I want to share this world with you by sharing the exploits of my outdoor adventures.  But please keep in mind that while I am trying to entertain, I am also trying to encourage you to get out and get some fresh air and exercise.

I hope you enjoy Middle of the Trail, and thanks for reading.

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