Walls and Wells

Some photos of one of the old wells and a couple of the rock walls.  The other well is grown in and has several trees growing out of it.

The old well closest to the cabin. A stream actually runs through it, not bad thinking for whoever dug it there.



This rock wall marks one of the property lines



Rock wall going down to the lean-to



Three feet high, five feet wide or so...

5 thoughts on “Walls and Wells

  1. Yes, is there a local library or historical organization that may have records to give you clues to the stories behind those walls and wells? ‘Sure adds a dimension of connection to the land you’re living on.

  2. If wells could talk. I remember one well I know of deep in the woods where we hunt and the old timers telling us about it. As I understand it5 the area had a farm around the turn of the last century before all the forest fires hit that area of the Adirondacks. I remember wondering to myself who the people were that used that well?

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