Cabin Life – #17

The yellow-bellied sapsucker.  My all time favorite name for an animal.  I’ve seen two of them in the last week.  This March was definitely a weird one as far as weather goes.  Record breaking high temperatures led to several shirtless days outside and a sun burn on my back.

It was about this time last year that I left Jacksonville and headed back up here.  The year didn’t turn out any where near what I had planned, but that’s alright.  Now, I am completely absorbed with the amount of birds that have been popping up around here.  I saw two grouse walk through the yard a little while ago, and there were a bunch of robins that passed through a few days ago.  I’ve even seen a few geese flying by along with a bunch of others that I can’t identify.

This year’s lunge into spring was so sudden that it felt as if we had just skipped a few months and were in the middle of summer.  But that would have meant missing the spring, and even though it’s usually more of a mud season than anything else, I love the abundance of growth and warmth after winter.

I went canoeing last week, the first time I was ever able to do that on my birthday.   The sun was warm and the water was freezing, and my buddy and I managed to stay out on the water for a while.  We didn’t go anywhere, mainly because we had no where to go, but it was a great way to end the winter.  I always love snow until the first day of spring, and then I want it gone, and this year, that was pretty much what happened.

And now the birds and animals are coming out, there are small buds and flowers on the trees, and the little stream that runs through here is flowing.  The air smells different, and not just because it’s no longer stained with the exhaust of the woodstove.  It’s lighter later in the day, and the candles and lanterns have not been in use much.

Yup, spring is one of my favorite seasons, along with the rest of them.

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